Fish Cakes 16.00
5 Traditional fish cakes served with spicy dip

Homemade Fries 14.00/16.00
Regular or Cheesy

Sweet potato Fries 15.00
With Carizma special seasoning

Hummus 15.00
Roasted bell peppers, chick peas and garlic,served with a pita bread

Caesar Salad 28.00
Romaine lettuce, fresh parmesan, anchovies, croutons and homemade dressing

Quinoa Salad 28.00
Roasted Quinoa with sauteed vegetables and mixed herbs served on red oak lettuce

West Indian Curry 45.00/55.00
Our chef special recipe served with basmati rice, mango chutney, poppadom with your choice of Vegetable, Chicken or Shrimp

Chicken and Stilton Pie 40.00
Chunks of chicken breast cooked in white wine,cream, and leeks topped with filo pastry, served with garden peas and fries

Baby Back Ribs 55.00
Carizma favorite slow cooked baby back ribs in a chef barbecue sauce served with coleslaw and fries

Homemade Chilli 28.00
Special recipe of mince beef, kidney beans, onions and a selection of spices served with basmati rice or fries

Tuna Wrap 30.00
Tuna mixed with Dijon mustard, green peppers, mayo topped with mango chutney served with fries or salad. (Gluten free wrap optional)

Carizma Gourmet Burger 35.00
Homemade with our special recipe topped with cheese, lettuce, tomato, and pickles, on a sesame seed bun, served with homemade fries

Chicken or Vegetarian Quesadilla 36.00
Flour tortilla filled with slices of chicken breast, cilantro cream, cheese, jalapeno peppers, caramelized onions and cheese served with fries or salad

Carizma Chicken Wrap 38.00
Chunks of Chicken breast in a mix of Mayo, Greek Yogurt and Dijon mustard topped with crispy prosciutto served with fries or salad (Gluten free option)

Mahi Mahi Cutter 38.00
Blackened Mahi Mahi on a sesame seed bun served with fries or salad